Please VOTE DAVID on April 2

Thank You

I am making this last post to thank the Lindbergh community.  I have met many wonderful, engaged citizens in the Lindbergh community these past three months since declaring my candidacy.  In most interactions, you have been kind, considerate, and civil, which I appreciate very much.  Unfortunately, there have been a few people who were rude and aggressive, especially on social media where some have felt entitled to bully, harangue, misrepresent, and/or outright lie about me and my positions. 

I have posted a lot of information on Facebook and the internet to help voters learn my history and what I can bring to the Lindbergh board of education.  You can also hear my answers to numerous questions in a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.  These two resources can be accessed at the following links:


There are two board positions open this election cycle and four candidates who are loosely aligned into two slates.  I have joined David Randelman in this election since we agree on most issues:  The two other candidates have also joined together.  The views, experiences, and expertise of the two slates are very different.  I think it is fair to say that the other slate thinks the Lindbergh ship is headed in the right direction and little to no course correction is needed.  In contrast, our David-and-David slate thinks the ship needs to steer back toward the fundamentals of education, increase transparency with the community, and be better stewards of taxpayer dollars.  Regarding the latter point, we support taking care of school buildings, modernizing HVAC systems, and other proposed items, but we do not support paying excessive interest on bonds and unnecessarily burdening citizens with a half-billion dollars in total debt if Prop R 2024 is passed.  If Prop R 2024 passes, each household in the District will be paying on average $100 per month for the next 20 years to pay off this debt, let alone paying the taxes each year for operational expenses! 

So, there are two distinct choices on the April 2 ballot.  

I thank you again for the positive interactions of these past three months and hope you will vote for David-and-David who will serve as your eyes, ears, and voices on the Lindbergh school board.


David Kirschner, Ph.D.