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Student Learning – Part 4

For the sake of completeness, I have decided to post the Lindbergh aggregated MAP results of English Language Arts for grades 3 through 8. I also show the State results with the boundary between “Basic” and “Proficient” demarcated with a polyline. This line is superimposed over the Lindbergh data to aid comparison.

As before I will not provide my observations, for which I received grief from some people on other posts. Why do I not provide my observations? It all comes down to “anchoring”. For example, do you think a group of people would arrive at the same answers regardless of how I posed the following question?

“I think the distance from the Earth to Sun is about 10 million miles away. How far do you think the Earth is from the Sun?}


“How far do you think the Earth is from the Sun?”

It is well known that a group of people will provide quite different answers depending on if I just asked the question “How far do you think the Earth is from the Sun?” versus when I first provide my estimate and then ask you the question “How far do you think the Earth is from the Sun?”

By giving my estimate first, I anchored everyone else’s answer somewhere around my answer (e.g., most people’s answers will involve millions of miles rather than thousands of miles or trillion of miles). This was critical in Shell when we talked about uncertainties that were extremely hard to quantify. Every individual would determine their own estimate/answer before any discussion in a group setting. (At least that was a good protocol to follow, but oftentimes did not happen.)

Thus, I would prefer you to draw your own observations and not allow me to anchor you. One other reason I am doing this is so that some can accept and take ownership of their own observations and not accuse me of having ill motive.

As always, thank you for reading.


P.S. This aggregated data is directly from Missouri DESE. You can find the data at though beware it is not the easiest web site to navigate. You can also call them at 573-751-4212 if you have questions.